• Reinaldo Moodey

    Experienced Systems Engineer | IACRB Certified Penetration Tester | C|EH v8 | ITIL v3 | Python Developer

    Certified Ethical Hacker and Penetration Tester. Well-regarded IT specialist with a broad-based background and extensive experience in administrative roles. Organized, effective leader with meticulous attention to detail. History of learning changing technologies with exceptional speed. Core strengths include:



    ✔ Network Security

    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Network and System vulnerability assessment
    • Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) and report generation

    ✔ Network Administration

    •   Active Directory Management
    •   Server 2008 and 2012
    •   Server hardware
    •   Cabling and routing

    ✔ Windows Desktop

    • Win XP, Win 7 and 8.1
    • Office 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013
    • Office 365, Lync 2010 and 2013
    • Exchange 2008

    ✔ Linux Environment

    • Red Hat
    • CentOS
    • Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server
    • KALI
    • SAMBA
    • Shell

    ✔ Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    • VMWare vSphere 5.5 - Design and configure
    • Support of  Enterprise Desktop Virtualization Technologies

    ✔ Cloud Infrastructure Management

    • AWS
    • Chef

    ✔ Programming Languages

    • Python Security Scripting
    • Ruby on Rails
    • SQL

    ✔ Mobile Devices

    • Blackberry Enterprise Server
    • Blackberry
    • iOS
    • Android

    ✔ HIPPA audit



    • SLA Compliance
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Problem Management
    • Process Adherence

    What is an Ethical Hacker? Systems Analyst? Pentester? Watch Below

    Ethical Hacker / Penetration Tester

    Systems Analyst

    SecurityTube Python Scripting Expert





    Orlando Maldonado


    Intl Sales -Central & South America at Capezio Ballet Makers Inc.

    Reinaldo is a very creative Web Developer. His reccommendations and detailed explanations on how to be more cost efficient has helped my business to better serve the South American and Central American Region as Sales Manager for Capezio Dancewear International.



    Enrique "Rickie" Amaro Jr


    Substitute Teacher at School District of Hillsborough County

    Reinaldo is a very dedicated, detailed, punctual worker. You will note that he has an exemplary work ethic and will be a huge asset to your team.



    Paul Overson


    Associate Computer Support at CSC - Computer Sciences Corporation

    I worked with Reinaldo for many several years at CSC as a Senior Technician Associate. He was one of the best of the best in my opinion. He wasn't obstructed by technical barriers. He found them as challenges and resolved them.
    Reinaldo is a team player, and also a leader. He is talented with technical aptitude and is a reliable source for other techs to refer to for assistance on difficult technical issues. I recommend Reinaldo Moodey for high level technical support roles in Corporate environments.




    Infosec Institute Online Ethical Hacking

    Certified Ethical Hacker 

    2015 – 2015


    Some of the hacking concepts you will learn to master during this hands on hacking course...
    Penetration testing methodologies| Stealthy network recon| Passive traffic identification | Remote root vulnerability exploitation | Privilege escalation hacking | IPv6 Vulnerabilities | Remote access trojan hacking | Running shellcode in RAM vs. on disk | Wireless insecurityBreaking IP-based ACLs via spoofing | Abusing Windows Named Pipes for Domain Impersonation | Evidence removal and anti-forensics | Attacking network infrastructure devices | Hacking by brute forcing remotely | Hiding exploit payloads in jpeg and gif image files| Hacking Web ApplicationsBreaking into databases with SQL Injection | Cross Site Scripting hacking| Hacking into Cisco routers | Justifying a penetration test to management & customers | CEH reviewDefensive techniques



    eLearn Security Certified Professional Pentester



    2015 - 2016


    The eCPPT designation stands for eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester. eCPPT is a 100% practical and highly respected Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Professional certification counting certified professional in all the five contintents

    Security Tube - Python Scripting Expert




    The SecurityTube Python Scripting Expert (SPSE) aims to teach you how to apply the powerful Python language to security research, penetration testing and attack automation using a fully hands-on practical approach with a gradual learning curve. This course has something for everyone – from the novice to the expert user!

    University of Phoenix

    Associate of Information Systems

    2009 – 2011


    The Associate of Arts degree in Information Technology program provides the opportunity to specialize through the selection of College of Information Systems and Technology practical based academic certificates aligned to industry certifications in areas such as desktop support, network support, multimedia development, information security, database administration, web administration, programming and IT healthcare. Knowledge and skills in Information Technology professional competence and values, information utilization, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving are provided in the program.


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