• Reinaldo Moodey

    Information Security Analyst and Penetration Tester

    Exceptionally analytic individual with vast experience in determining possible network exploits by delving deep into different computer software and systems. Adept at running tests aimed at deciphering system weaknesses and providing suggestions to overcome them either on the physical network, wireless network or web applications.

    ☛ Performed risk assessments to ensure corporate compliance
    ☛ Conducted security event monitoring for corporate wide in-scope applications
    ☛ Performed application security and penetration testing using KALI, Burp Suite and Metasploit
    ☛ Conducted onsite penetration tests from an insider threat perspective.
    ☛ Researched and analyzed known hacker methodology, system exploits and vulnerabilities
    ☛ Perform Vulnerability Assesments via Qualys, Nexpose and OpenVas
    ☛ Created written reports, detailing assessment findings and recommendations.
    ☛ Provided oral briefings to leadership and technical staff, as necessary.
    ☛ Performed penetration tests of US State agencies


    ✪ Information Security
    ☛ Intrusion Prevention
    ☛ Vulnerability assessments via Qualys, Nexpose, Nessus, Burpsuite and OpenVAS
    ☛ Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) and report generation
    ☛ Social Engineering


    ✪ Network Administration
    ☛ Active Directory Management
    ☛ Server 2008 and 2012
    ☛ Server build and diagnostics
    ☛ Cabling and routing


    ✪ Operating Systems
    ☛ Red Hat
    ☛ CentOS
    ☛ Ubuntu and Ubuntu Server
    ☛ KALI
    ☛ Microsoft (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10)
    ☛ Mac OSX


    ✪ Programming Languages
    ☛ Python
    ☛ Bash
    ☛ Windows Powershell

    ✪ Mobile Devices
    ☛ iOS
    ☛ Android


    ✪ HIPPA audit



    What is an Ethical Hacker? Systems Analyst? Pentester? Watch Below

    Ethical Hacker / Penetration Tester

    Systems Analyst

    SecurityTube Python Scripting Expert



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